Canine Fitness

Canine fitness focuses on conditioning for injury prevention, weight loss and encourage mobility for dogs of all life stages.

Pet First Aid & CPR

Be a life-saver for your Fido and Tabby. Equip yourself with skills in CPR, bleeding protocols, rescue breathing, shock management and more.


Hydrotherapy is an excellent modality for post-surgery rehabilitation, improving general fitness and promoting joint range of motion. 

Behind Fido's Pawpose

Fido’s Pawpose was born to enable and empower mankind, so Fido can seek true meaning and purpose together with us. Our thoughtfully curated product and service offerings aim to advocate responsible, sustainable and holistic care. Learn more


Klimb™ Training Platform

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Gum & Joint Care

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Liquid Treats

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PURE and Natural Pet™

Plaque & Tartar Fighting Gel

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PURE and Natural Pet™

Plaque & Tartar Control Breath Spray

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Wound Care Ointment

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