For Dogs of All Ages

Canine Fitness

Conditioning for injury prevention and achieve optimum health.

Imagine going to the gym for classes with a personal trainer because you want to tone up, bulk up, feel stronger and prevent injury. Now, imagine all that for your dog while building an unbreakable bond with Fido.  

Fido on a balance equipment

What is Canine Fitness?

Here's the truth - we all lead busy lives, and only manage daily walks with Fido or attempt to be “weekend warriors”. But is that truly enough or appropriate for Fido? Dogs are family and need to be engaged mentally and physically.

Canine fitness helps to build coordination, confidence, intelligence, mental focus in a sustainable manner – and conditioned dogs perform better with fewer occurrences of injuries. It isn't just for athletic or working dogs; but a great total workout for dogs of all ages and fitness levels. 

Every session is customized to your dog’s ability and will be progressively adjusted to keep them challenged. We make sessions practical for various living spaces and lifestyles so pet parents will be able to consistently participate with Fido at home on a daily basis. 

Fido on Land Treadmill

Under-rated Benefits of Canine Fitness

- Weight loss 
- Strengthening of core for injury prevention, i.e. back, spine and joints Improved performance for sporting dogs 
- Promote weight-bearing in limbs after surgery 
- Fun and variety keep dogs engaged

What to Expect

- We always perform an initial assessment to evaluate a dog’s medical history and identify potential underlying issues before commencing any fitness program

- Our fitness trainer is a university-credentialed professional and advocates low-stress handling practices. We do not force your dog into doing something they are not ready for.  

- We use a variety of FitPAWS® equipment in-session, but we will provide guidance on how these can be simulated at home using everyday household items. 

- Pet parents are expected to be hands-on and participate in this program, so they can actively work on the fitness program consistently at home.

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