For Dogs of All Ages

Canine Fitness

Conditioning for injury prevention and achieve optimum health.

Imagine going to the gym for classes with a personal trainer because you want to tone up, bulk up, feel stronger and prevent injury. Now, imagine all that for your dog while building an unbreakable bond with Fido.  

Fido on a balance equipment

What is Canine Fitness?

Here's the truth - we all lead busy lives, and only manage daily walks with Fido or attempt to be “weekend warriors”. But is that truly enough or appropriate for Fido? Dogs are family and need to be engaged mentally and physically.

Canine fitness helps to build strength, coordination, confidence, intelligence, flexibility, and mental focus in a sustainable manner – and conditioned dogs perform better with fewer occurrences of injuries. It isn't just for athletic or working dogs; but a great total workout for dogs of all ages and fitness levels. 

Healthy dogs not only enjoy a slower onset of physical and cognitive deterioration associated with aging, they also display more youthful characteristics. From decreased body weight and fat stores, to greater muscle strength, improved organ function, less stress and improved mental health, the benefits of an active lifestyle are hard to dispute.

Importance of Canine Fitness Instruction

For years, there have been many instances where various canine conditioning and rehabilitation products were incorrectly used by both individuals and professionals. Exercises displaying bad form, poor safety techniques, or being too advanced for dogs were being attempted and posted on social media. These would then be circulated, all the while reinforcing improper use – hence, elevating the potential risk of injury and/or ineffectiveness of the intended exercises.

Our sessions are guided and are conducted 1-to-1, either supervised/by a credentialed canine fitness trainer (CCFT). You can be assured that we adhere to safe, practical standards and guidelines to help condition dogs for performance, their canine jobs and for quality of life. Together with a low-stress handling philosophy, we endeavor to minimize the Fido's aversion to what we expect of them, regardless of their ability, fear disposition, personality etc.

Fido on Land Treadmill

Under-rated Benefits of Canine Fitness

:: Weight management
:: Increased muscle function and body awareness
:: Reduced risk of injury (or greater ability to recover from injury)
:: Enhanced performance for sporting and active dogs
:: Improved cognitive function and sensory/textural exposure for enrichment

What to Expect

First Session: Fido's Onboarding (60-75 mins)
All dogs will be required to undergo a 30-min visual/physical assessment to help us establish various parameters. Together with the additional medical history gathered ahead of your visit, this will ensure your dog is not contraindicated for any physical activity which may exacerbate underlying/existing condition(s) that may be present.

Some areas of the assessment include, but is not limited to the following:

:: Visual gait analysis
:: Functional range of motion, movement and posture
:: Joint/muscle symmetry and condition scoring
:: Baseline morphometrics + structural or strategic restrictions

Based on applied clinical reasoning, dogs with no significant/complex condition(s) may proceed with a physical conditioning/fitness program.

Dogs with orthopedic and/or neurological condition(s) such as hip/elbow dysplasia, IVDD, patella luxation etc. may still be qualified to participate as part of a conservative management plan to slow down degeneration of the afflicted condition(s) – see physical therapy. A veterinary clearance may be required before commencement of any activity.

Subsequent Sessions: Fido's Singles (30 mins)
Keeping up a regular routine is key to sustained mobility and improved function in your dog. Our sessions remain fluid and are continuously adapted and progressed as appropriate to meet the desired fitness goals for your dog.

Our program design will incorporate a combination of the 5 aspects of Canine Total Health, encompassing cardiorespiratory, muscular strength, flexibility, balance/stabilisation, and mental fitness.

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