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Improve range of motion and slow progression of orthopaedic conditions with the help of water.

Dogs love water, right? Hydrotherapy is both fun and super helpful for dogs with orthopaedic and/or neurological conditions. It is also an excellent modality for rebuilding muscle and improving general fitness. 

Fido with a Hydrotherapist

How Hydrotherapy Works

Hydrotherapy traces its roots from 2400BC where they were first mentioned. In 500BC, the Greeks built public baths, and in 339AD, the Romans built public baths for therapeutic effects. It leverages on the properties of water to relieve discomfort and promote well-being. 

Canine hydrotherapy leverages on these same principles to aid/accelerate recovery of certain medical conditions such as hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), and luxating patella. On the other hand, healthy dogs will also enjoy hydrotherapy for general fitness maintenance.

Benefits of Water

Water buoyancy helps to take certain load pressures off joints and can help with rehabilitation of weak muscles as well as pain in joints. It also helps to counteract weight which allows ambulation, and that is extremely helpful for patients with hyperextension injuries or fractures.

Hydrostatic pressure can be beneficial for swollen joints and oedematous (swollen) tissue, as the pressure acting on these areas can provide pain relief. It also helps to promote blood circulation as well. 

Fido in a water treadmill

Who Should Take on Hydrotherapy?

Most dogs across all life stages and conditions can be good candidates for hydrotherapy. Whether the goal is to improve fitness, achieve weight loss, or just to improve the quality of life for your geriatric dogs – there is great potential in achieving therapeutic benefits.

Hydrotherapy can also be used to:

- Relax muscle tension or spasms
- Reduce swelling
- Increase joint range of motion
- Build strength and muscle bulk
- Pre or post-surgery rehabilitation
- Relieve pain

Fido's Mission in Hydrotherapy

Fido’s Pawpose is proud to offers its hydrotherapy services in conjunction with Gaia Wholistic Animal Wellness – a one-stop animal center with capabilities in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and animal communication to ensure all-rounded complementary therapies for your pet.

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