Our Facility

Fido's Pawpose

For pets' safety and comfort in mind

Our 400sqft bodywork studio has been put together with safety as a priority. Fully carpeted flooring provides traction and stability for pets and are thoroughly vacuumed in between sessions. Ambient air quality is also maintained with a triple-layer HEPA air purifier. Blackout roller blinds can be deployed if necessary, for pets that are sensitive to external stimuli, i.e. passers-by, vehicular traffic etc.

We use only the best for your pets. We use purpose-built equipment and products from trusted international brands, including but not limited to –

:: FitPAWS® International (USA)
:: Flexiness® Fitness (Switzerland)
:: TotoFit™ (USA)
:: Do More With Your Dog™ - Kyra Sundance (USA)
:: Blue-9® Pet Products (USA)
:: Cato Outdoors (USA)
:: DogPacer Treadmills (USA)

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