Who We Are

Championing canine, feline & equine health

Knowing Who We Are

What is Fido’s true purpose in life? Most see their existence as pets, whereas some serve as working or service dogs. Regardless of the human-animal relationship, one thing is universal – and that is for Fido to realize its maximum potential and integrate and be one with the community.  

Hence, Fido’s Pawpose was born to enable and empower mankind, so Fido can seek true meaning and purpose together with us, as they continue to adapt to the ever-fragmented world we live in. Our thoughtfully curated product and service offerings aim to advocate responsible, sustainable and holistic care.  

We commit ourselves to low-stress handling techniques not just for dogs but, for cats and horses too. We believe every animal is different; we make every best effort to individualize our care and help them succeed in their goals. Take a leap of faith and start living your best life with Fido, Fifi and Bronco, without any fear.  

Choose Fido’s Pawpose, and unleash their inner champion.  

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