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HoneyCure Natural Wound Care

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Veterinarian-approved wound care ointment made of FDA approved medical-grade manuka honey. Safe to use on cuts, scrapes, hotspots, bite wounds etc.

HoneyCure reduces scars for dogs, cats and horses. For topical use only. 

Made in the USA.

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Nature's Remedy

Treating wounds with Manuka HOney

Before any forms of advanced technology, manuka honey has been used for dressing wounds. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), people have trusted the all-natural manuka honey for thousands of years.

From Earth's most hardworking creatures and a team of biomedical engineers, HoneyCure is formulated to accelerate wound healing and repair damaged skin from incidents. 

The HoneyCure Difference

HoneyCure is a revolutionary new wound care product from EnBiologics, engineered from organic certified medical-grade honey and compounded with natural ingredients. Made from FDA-approved Manuka honey, HoneyCure ointment is a triple-action product: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and pest-repellent.

Manuka honey is a powerful healing tool for three main reasons:

1. A natural abundance of hydrogen peroxide and methylglyoxal (MG). While hydrogen peroxide is found in all kinds of honey, MG is an anti-bacterial compound found in higher concentration in Manuka honey. The high concentration of anti-bacterial compounds makes this gel effective in preventing infection.

2. Honeycure utilizes a proprietary blend of essential oils. This tea tree-based blend soothes animal pain and irritation, which also delivers an anti-inflammatory effect. These oils provide a stable and pain-free environment for the wound to better heal.

3. The osmotic potential in HoneyCure's formula naturally absorbs fluids from wounds. This helps the wound to drain and heal, while also keeping the area hydrated to minimize scarring. This method of wound care, called wet wound healing, is scientifically proven to accelerate healing.

Wound Licking

HoneyCure smells medicinal to animals

It's not just any other "Honey-type" Cream

HoneyCure is backed by research and science. It is made of FDA-approved medical-grade manuka honey and a propriety blend of essential oils. Other significant properties include:

- Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal

- Non-toxic and non-irritative once applied

- Prevents the urge of licking ointment off the wound which, is a critical part of the healing process

- Repels and prevents insects that may infect the wound

It is the natural healing solution to cuts, scrapes, abrasion, hotspots, burns, deep wounds, infected wounds and chronic wounds. 

Warning: The following images may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

HoneyCure Means Serious Business

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Car Accident Injury

"My dog, Ellie, was run over in our driveway. I applied HoneyCure to her skin twice a day and it is 100% back to normal now."

- F.M. 

honeycure result01

After 21 Days of HoneyCure

The after-effects of natural HoneyCure ointment carefully applied on the large, exposed wound. 

honeycure testtimonial02

Bacterial Infection

"Our 10-year-old Paint Gelding, Major, became ill suddenly with high fevers and a bacterial infection affecting his left hind leg. 10 days into it, the leg burst open in four places."

honeycure result02

After 43 Days of HoneyCure

"We decided to try the product because of the manuka honey along with other ingredients that seemed to make sense for what we were dealing with. As you can see, the healing that has taken place is amazing."

- Cathleen B.


Honeycure is safe
for horses, cats and dogs.

Heals cuts, wounds, burns, hotspots

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